Custom Scramblers in El Nido! Lakwatsero Motorcycles

While cruising on my rental through Corong-Corong, the little town just before El Nido, I accidentally discovered Lakwatsero Motorcycles. The custom scramblers outside grabbed my attention. I couldn’t resist popping in to have a chat and find out who they are and what they do. Owned by two Spanish hombres Nanni and Pepillo and their Filipino partners in crime Poks and Kols, Lakwatsero Motorcycles is creating seriously cool scramblers and trackers for their customers.

Co-founder Nanni was studying medicine in Spain and was supposed to be calling himself a doctor some day. It was back in 2007 when he was working as a volunteer on the Philippine island Negros Oriental when he fell in love with the country.
A few years later he was working on a party boat together with his childhood friend Pepillo. It was one big continuous fiesta during and after work. After a while they felt it was time to do something slightly less crazy. So they opened a bar. And not just some random bar! Read all about this bar on one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and about my other bar and restaurant recommendations here!

Back to bikes now! Today, together with their local team of mechanics they are creating seriously cool custom scramblers and trackers for their customers. They mainly use the reliable Honda tmx and Kawasaki Barako as donor bikes. These are the hard working 175cc motorbikes you usually find in tricycles, the Filipino version of the tuctuc.

Great army style looks on one the first Lakwatsero builds!

Their early customers are mostly friends and acquaintances who bring in their bikes in order to have it customized to their preferences. With this tactic Lakwatsero aims to bring more great looking custom scramblers to the Filipino streets. These creations being the ultimate advertisement representing their business.

One of the first builds by Lakwatsero, great advertisement on wheels

Lakwatsero is the Taglish word which is translated to: The husband who is always out of the house, doing stuff he enjoys. The muchachos came up with this name for their custom garage as their Filipino partners gave them these nicknames earlier.

Nanni’s ride

Currently there’s already a line to get in to if you want to have your bike customized by Lakwatsero Motorcycles. Which is a good sign of course! In the near future, Lakwatsero will create several customs which are available for hire, so even as a tourist, you can ride the magnificent roads of El Nido in style.

Filipino style workshop
The Filipino style workshop, it takes real craftsmanship to build such great looking custom scramblers from here

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