Resting beer

Brewing craft beer at home

Brewing my very first batch of craft beer at home

On the 7th of june 2017, you might want to take note of this date, I have purchased my first homebrew starter pack. To be honest I was a bit surprised to find a homebrewing kit for sale at Hema, our local discount houseware store in The Netherlands. They teamed up with the Brooklyn Brew Shop for this special offer. To be honest, my girlfriend spotted the package for me, as she wanted to use the yeasting flask as a vase to put flowers in, which is so NOT going to happen!

Brewing can be done by everyone!

I am very eager to learn how to make beer myself. This starter pack is a good first step into making your own beer at home. I must say, brewing your own beer is actually pretty easy! All it takes is your starter brewing kit containing the yeasting flask and some useful tools. For the rest you’ll need a couple of big pots and a fine strain. And oh yeah, a lot of patience! Brewing one batch of beer takes up to one month!

To be continued!

At this moment, my very first craft brew is yeasting, and it has one more week to go! I will keep you posted on the progress! In the meantime, I’m doing research on brewing beer at home. And I am shopping online for some more serious brewing equipment!











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